Things I Have Learned About Using Instagram 2019

There are so many people giving advice and training about social networking it is really hard to decide who is right. I have found myself reading a lot of articles, blogs and Posts about what everyone should be doing and have tried quite a lot but found that it is really simple.

  1. Quality vs Quantity. This is something that people just are not getting. I get Posts and DM’s every day saying that if I buy a service I can increase my followers by hundreds in days. If you want to be able to tell people that you have 10,000 followers, then fine. But how many of those people do you really know or get to know? More importantly how many of them know you. Connecting with people should not be about numbers. What is important is finding people who you have something in common. With Instagram instead of having 1000 Buy Instagram Followers Australia who do not know anything about you, would it not be better if you had 100 who all have the same hobby and you talk with about that hobby, then when you mention your business they are willing to listen because you are someone they know on a personal level and have built a relationship with.
  2. Everyday meet someone new. If you read a Post, blog or article that is interesting then you might want to find out about the person behind it. Click on the username you can then read their previous posts and profile. By replying to them you may open a dialog. If they do not respond right away, don’t always assume they are ignoring you, this can mean that they are offline but if they check when their username is mentioned they may respond later. I have had conversations that have lasted days but only consisted of a dozen Posts because of time zones and not being online at the same time.

  1. If someone does not have a profile I do not follow them. There are different reasons people sign up to Instagram. Some only want to connect with people they know. This is my theory for the blank profile. They don’t need one because they only want to connect with people who know them already. People with profiles would like to meet other people.
  2. Be careful what you Post. If you would not say it to someone’s face, why Post it? If you are Posting for business then you have to be doubly careful because your business reputation can be damaged. You need to make sure everything you Post enhances credibility. If you have gone out with your friends after work and are drunk, best not go online and Post. The alternative, which a lot of people are doing, is creating multiple accounts. They have a business account and a personal one where you use a nickname and only follow friends but no one you do business with.
  3. Everyone is not online all the time. If you are tweeting for business you need to repeat some tweets at different times in order to reach more people. Do this with a few Posts, not all Instagram is about fresh information, if I find a good article I might tweet about it Post at different times but if I am advertising a new course then I will Post about it 3-4 times a day every day. This said I have been told by a few people that they have never seen my Posts on a particular course. Talking to people about what they see from you will help you gage how often to repeat Posts. Scheduling tweets makes this easier, using a Instagram program that has this capability, like Hootsuite and Socialoomph you can schedule tweets for the times you know you are not online. If people are working all day, then odds are they are not going to spend a lot of time during the day looking at Instagram, so Posts during the day reach a different set of people then Posts at night. Time zones are another thing to consider. If you are Posting early morning or late at night you will notice that people in other countries are online and you can expand your group globally. If you are Posting with business news, a new product or service, or an offer then use Instagram software that you can schedule the same Post to go out say 3 times throughout the entire day. You don’t want to send the same thing out too often otherwise people get bored and stop reading anything from you.
  4. Don’t Post too much. If you are constantly online and always active and online people start wondering how you can do it. I know people who have unfollowed people because their timelines are mostly one person and they get fed up seeing only the one person because it overwhelms all other Posts. Their complaint is that Instagram has become a dialogue for one person.

If you are just starting using Instagram, start by following people you know well, then people you know and a celebrity or two. Take a few minutes each day (like 10 minutes at a time) to read a few Posts and if something is interesting repost or reply. When you are comfortable search for more people based on location, or keywords. To search for people in a location I use Twellow, and I will use the search within Instagram to look up all Posts with a certain word in them and if I find one that is interesting will click on the username, read the profile and follow them. Connect with people who have the same interests. As you become comfortable connect with more people. For More Information Please Visit

Instagram – How to Make Money Writing Posts

You’ve probably heard about the social networking site that is Instagram. But how could you utilise it to turn your writing into money?

As Instagram is relatively new it’s difficult to know just how big this could be. And there are bound to be lots of new ways of doing it in future. However, here’s a simple way that some people are already make extra cash by writing posts to their Instagram accounts.

First, you’ll need a Instagram account if you don’t already have one. Sign up and find out how it all works by going to the homepage.

Rather than basing your Instagram posts on yourself and whatever you’re doing as most people do try and base it on a popular interest. Something that a lot of people will want to follow your Posts on. For example, something like football or rugby, cars and driving, bird watching or cookery – ideally something you’re interested and even passionate about.

Build up your group of followers by inviting people to join you, and also following other people with similar interests. There’s lot of information on how all this works on the Instagram website itself. Keep going until you have a good network of Instagram Followers UK, and are posting Posts on a regular basis.

So then, how do you turn your tweets into cash? One of the easiest ways is to use the Share on Instagram feature and then sign up as an Amazon Associates affiliate – the same method you’d use to monetize a bog. For details go to

Share on Instagram allows you to recommend products, including books, CD’s and many other items, from Amazon’s catalogue with just a few clicks. When your followers buy them you get paid a commission, usually at least 5%.

How much you could make depends on how many followers you have and, of course, you should be careful not to do any hard selling to them. It’s probably best to assume Share on Instagram is likely to be something that will earn you some pocket money cash rather than any big money, but who knows what will happen in future!

Mark Hempshell is a freelance writer and the editor of MAKE MONEY WRITING NEWSLETTER. You can sign up for a free subscription to MAKE MONEY WRITING NEWSLETTER at: [].

Making Money With Instagram – How You Can Do It 2019

Making money with Instagram is one of the best ways to make money online as the Instagram platform is extremely powerful for driving lots and lots of traffic to any web page or product you want to. Since there is so much potential to direct the right amount of people to the right offer, you can really increase your income ten fold with Instagram. Let us see now if this is a scam or not.

Making Money With Instagram

There are more ways then one to generate income from Instagram as well. You can market your products directly, do pay per click, or pay per Post as well.

Direct marketing is the form of marketing most of us are used to making money with Instagram. It’s where you will Post a link directing your traffic to an offer of some sort. If they buy, you get a commission or in some cases, you will sell your own product. Direct marketing is very powerful for making lots and lots of money. The size of your commission is nearly endless once you know what you are doing.

Pay per click methods won’t generate you as much money as the above method but it will increase the amount of money coming in. With the internet marketing, every little effort counts. You can visit either Adjix or Linkbee and sign up for their free pay per click service.

You can shorten your links with these services. When a Buy Instagram Followers UK clicks that link, they will be shown a small advertisement while they go to where you direct them. If they click this advertisement, you get a small amount of money. This can really add up when you have a large following.

The last way of making money with twitter is through straight advertisement. When you get a large following, companies will pay you to Post about their company. This can be a very good pay out or it could be just a small amount depending on your niche. All in all, there are people who are making money with Instagram and it is not a scam. The only difference is that these people know what they are doing.

No matter which way you want to make money, you need to build your following the most effective way possible. Finding the right followers and fast is easy with Instagram domination. You can get this free Instagram Guide  and learn easy ways to get more traffic to your offer.

Remember all you got to do is simply TAKE ACTION! Its really that simple. Instagram money making []

6 Steps You Can Take to Have Instagram Attract Customers to Your Business Like Spoons to a Magnet 2019

Let’s face it, we are all looking for ways to get customers to buy from us without spending money on expensive advertising. Here’s the problem, business is down and we’ve got to cut costs and one of the first to be cut is the advertising budget. As if that’s not enough, we also take a cut in pay. Meanwhile, we still need to keep customers buying, we need to get our name out there in front of the customers. How can we do this without paying for advertising?

No problem! Here’s what I discovered, there are 5 steps you can take today to connect with your customers for free.

Step 1: Login to Instagram or create your account if you don’t have one yet.

Step 2: Find local people you can network with. Or, find local events where you can meet potential customers. Use the search feature ( to find people near you than follow them. Many will follow you back be sure to thank them when they do.

Step 3: Send messages “Posts” that are helpful and meaningful. Build a relationship with Instagram users to get the best results.

Step 5: Send a quality tweet to your followers and see the power of the “re-post”, which is when someone re-sends your “Post” to their Followers UK. It is similar to the way a forwarded email works.

Step 6: Use the search feature to find people like you around the world as well as people who complement your talents.

Recently a friend of mine who writes articles found a web designer who needed articles written. The web designer exchanged a site design for articles from my friend. This is an excellent way to find what you need and barter for it.

Instagram if used properly as a part of your overall marketing plan, can be an excellent tool for increasing your business profits while saving money on advertising. Go ahead do it now. Take the first step and login to Instagram today.

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Instagram Can Increase Your On-Line Business 2019

If you are looking for a social-media network to increase your on-line marketing business, Instagram is one of the hottest marketing tools ever to launch to a wide audience in the least amount of time and effort.

Who Uses Instagram?

Instagram is a marketing tool that is now being used far and wide, and at the rate it is growing, it’s only a matter of time when the answer to this question: Who uses Instagram? Will be EVERYONE! According to an article in the April New York Times, “Twitter now has 175 million registered users, which are up from 145 million users in September 2018.” This news along makes Instagram the optimum place to network.

You can literally reach around the world – building a strong national/international network of Followers UK ? If this is you, Instagram is your social media nemesis. Instagram knows no age, race or culture boundaries, people from every walk of life uses. The Instagram population is widely diverse. The President of the United uses Instagram, so do U.S. Congressmen, U.S. Senators, Governors, Mayors, movie stars, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, teens, moms, dads, grandparents, grandfathers, dignitaries, dukes, duchess, princess, prince, rich, poor – you name it and there is a Instagram who fits the mold.

Why is the Popularity of Twitter So Astounding?

The shear usage of this social media makes it popular; it’s popular because – it’s popular. People love to communicate and to connect with their Buy Instagram Followers UK . And the fact that you can do this with only 140 characters makes it even ‘sweeter’. The white circle with the little blue bird has become as popular the Statue of Liberty – you see it on major TV networks, billboards, and mainstream media has completely embraced the concept. For businesses who have failed to see the significance of this monumental means of communicating, you are behind the power curve. Instagram is rapidly racing towards becoming ‘THE’ major means to promote political campaigns, Fortune 500 companies, worldwide communication… It is a phenomenon extraordinaire that cannot be ignored; it is ‘THE’ place to connect online.

The ease in which you can use Instagram lends to its popularity. A little old grandmother can learn to Post in a matter of minutes, it’s not convoluted – a few words can reap you thousands of like minded Buy Active Followers UK in record time. This all contributes to the popularity of Instagram.

How Do Marketers Make Twitter Work for Them?

Instagram is an excellent way to introduce new products/services at no cost to you; it is an innovative interactive way to do business online. You can Instagram your business ideas and product launches to connect to the world anytime day or night, receive immediate responses, and build an enormous customer base because it is all about immediate connections – real-time relationship building.

When you have only 140 characters to use to promote your products, sale your ideas/services, you focus on keyword content to find a targeted audience who CHOOSE to follow you and read your Post. The reality is Instagram DOES Work! Because you are able to create relationships, build trust, and target your customer base, they are willing to buy from you, and that should be your goal.

To your success.

There’s more good information on how you can quickly build your Instagram following and increase your on-line business using social-media. Like any business, the amount of hard work you put in now, will be proportionate to the dividends it will pay later. What you sow that you shall also reap. Find out how to make your online business the success it should be by generating the traffic you need to become a success, check it out at: You should also continue the learning process, take the time to learn from the best in the business


7 Tips to Get Rich With Instagram 2019

There is a free social messaging system called Instagram and it used for staying connected in real-time. This social messaging system is also changing the way we do the online business. Because there are so many people who use Instagram and still increasing, the potential of earning money from your posts are very good.

This techniques is the most effective way to promote your product on Instagram.

7 tips about how to make money with Instagram:

1. Post every time after you updated your blog or your website. Give the link with a catchy topic without making it to obvious that you are trying to sell your product and people will stop by to view your blog or your website.

2. Use the Instagram search engine to see who has Posted about the topic that is related with your product recently. Send a reply directly and this will give you More Followers UK.


3. Put your blog or website address in your profile. This will give you instant traffics.

4. You need to be an interesting Instagram. Answer questions, be entertaining and helpful and you will have many friends who will buy your products.

5. Don’t forget to update Instagram every time you are promoting something new. If you follow all of these steps, you’ll increase your clicks and make sales as well.

6. The important thing is to ask for the feedback on your new site. People will visit your website and will give you feedback and might buy your product as well.

7. Issue a link every time you update your newsletter. You might get new Buy Instagram Followers UK, especially if you put something interesting in your Post!

Top 10 Ways to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business 2019

If you’ve never used Instagram and have always wondered how to use Instagram for your business, this is the article to read. Instagram has gone a long way in through the years they’ve grown dramatically. Every week on average, there are a billion Posts send out and if you’re business owner who’s not on Instagram, you might be wondering, well, should I get on, should I start Posting?

Instagram is a great platform for businesses to be on because they can use it to quickly share information with people across the globe. Instagram is also great at helping businesses gather intelligence and feedback from prospects and current clients and customers. Lastly, Instagram can be used to build strong relationships with current clients customers and prospects. That said, Instagram is a great marketing tool but it’s not for all companies. Many companies will have a use for it and social media in general but you really have to analyze your customer’s needs, what their behaviors are and whether Instagram will be a great fit for you and your offering. For those companies who can leverage the power of Instagram, I’m going to cover 10 ways your business can use Instagram to its advantage.

The first and most obvious way to use Instagram is to build your brand awareness by tweeting out lots of messages, you get your company logo, its colors and your company name out there for more and more people to recognize.

Second, your business can use Instagram for direct to consumer marketing. You can Post out messages about different promos, specials, announcements, anything that will encourage people to visit your business, to reach out and contact you, to email you, visit your website, whatever it is to pull them in, attract attention so that they can start interacting with your business.

Third, Instagram can be used to provide customer service. Many companies use this for instance, Comcast, where if you have a question, you can Post and they have 24-hour representatives who will reply to your Post right away with answers or with information on how to get answers to your issues or problems. Instagram can be used for lead generation and sales as well.

Fourth, as you gather more people to follow you on Instagram, you can treat these people as email subscribers as leads that you can build relationships with and ultimately sell to. By having more followers on your Instagram account, you can send out sales messages that encourage your followers to buy certain things, making Instagram an effective sales machine.

Fifth, Instagram can also be used by your company to provide your customers or clients with instant updates and alerts. Some businesses will require continuous and constant and immediate communication with their clients and customers and Instagram is a great way to do this. You can send a Post out and can be repost among everyone who’s following you.

Sixth, Instagram can be used to effectively market events your company organizes. Through the use of different features within Instagram, for instance, hashtags and repost, your followers can market your event for you by spreading the news and by getting people to get involved and follow your hashtag or in other words a code related to your particular event alone. By doing this, people will be able to follow all the major announcements about that event and also more people get curious about what this code or hashtag is and may in turn click one of your links to learn more about that particular event.

Seventh, Instagram is also a great platform to conduct market research. You can ask questions to all of your clients or customers who are following you and get their answers so you know what they’re looking for, what their needs are, what their desires and wants are. You can also look into your competitors to see what their followers are asking questions about and what their needs and wants are.

Eighth, Instagram is a great way for your company to manage a crisis relating to your company because of the viral nature of Post and reposts. If something major is happening with your company, you can let all of your followers know about it by sending out a Post. This can quickly spread throughout the Internet and reach all the people who are concerned about that topic or your company.

Ninth, another way your company can use Instagram is to entertain your Followers UK. Send out valuable messages, links to valuable articles, links to funny articles, send out Posts that are controversial, anything to entertain your customers or clients or prospects who are following you. This in turn will build strong relationships and help you market or sell to them in the future.

Tenth, if you’re not aware of social media’s influence on organic search engine rankings in search results such as Google, you’ll be happy to know that Instagram sends social signals to Google and other search engines providing you with an increased opportunity for search visibility. That means by having a Post account and having more people Post about you and your company, you have a better chance of ranking higher for different key phrases searched.

There you have it, ten effective ways your company can use Post. In future articles, I’ll be covering more advanced techniques and strategies about Post5 and how your company can leverage these techniques to increase sales. For More Information Please Visit


Small Business – Committing to Using Instagram 2019

How Often DO You Tweet?

But you have decided to use Twitter as a marketing tool for your offline business.

This changes the question to – How Often SHOULD You Tweet?

Twitter for Offline Businesses – for LOCAL Brick and Mortar businesses – becomes a matter of reinforcing relationships that you likely already have person to person, in addition to building and reinforcing your OFFLINE Twitter Marketing Strategies.

In the case of using Twitter to market an Offline Business, all of the advice online about using Twitter needs to be carefully re-evaluated.

Let’s face is… easily 90% of the Twitter Strategies offered are recommendations for using Twitter to build an ONLINE business.

The folks writing these guides probably won’t ever meet ANY of their Followers UK face to face, let alone interact with them personally and on a regular basis.

For offline businesses, Twitter is a POWERFUL tool that can be used to PROD your local customers into taking Offline Action.

Here are two Twitter OFFLINE Business Scenarios designed to prod folks into taking Offline Action
Scenario ONE

  • Encourage them to visit your restaurant and get a free dessert TODAY (with purchase of a lunch or whatever), by giving the Secret Twitter Password
  • You are enticing folks into your restaurant if they do come to take advantage of the deal
  • If they don’t come today, you have still been able to send them a DAILY REMINDER that your restaurant exists
  • Combine your Twitter offer with other offers, like a Frequent Guest Card… Let’s face it, in this frugal economy, anything that you can do to keep them IN THE HABIT of dining at your restaurant is going to pay off long term

Scenario TWO

  • Using Twitter, set up a Concierge Service for your Beauty Salon.
  • Send a Tweet out 48 hours before you make a trip to your beauty supply wholesaler. Ask your customers to Direct Message you if they need products.
  • The arrangement that you set up is that these Special Orders must be picked up within 7 days – and you give a 10% discount on these purchases.

With the agreement that the product will be paid for within the week, you can afford to give a discount. You aren’t tying up inventory dollars and the product isn’t languishing on the shelf

Because you have, essentially, PRE-SOLD the product, you can justify buying (and SELLING) products that you don’t normally stock.

The KEYS to both of these Offline Business Strategy are PLANNING and CONSISTENCY!

As an offline business owner, you are used to thinking long term.

In this case, you are taking a social media tool that is all about instant gratification (Twitter) and using it as a long term Offline marketing secret weapon.

Will these Twitter campaign have an immediate payoff?

Probably not!

But, it you plan and implement this for the long term, Tweeting every day about a free Dessert or Tweeting once a week about a chore that you would be doing anyway (the trip to the beauty supplier) in 12 or 18 months, you will likely have a nice little income stream from these tactics.

Building Twitter Relationships

Don’t you think that serving dessert to your Twitter Followers UK – Face to Face – is going to build and strengthen your relationships with them?

Don’t you think that Direct Messaging someone about her Special Order is going to build a stronger relationships there?

And think about it… when you have the product in hand, you TWEET (not Direct message) a general tweet that the product is ready to be picked up

By Tweeting, you are reminding those who DIDN’T Special Order this time that they could have… and maybe they’ll decide to take advantage of the convenience next week! LOL

Since Twitter is a tool through which its users can reach their audiences, real-time, you have the opportunity to build relationships with your followers in real time, and in the case of brick and mortar businesses, you can build face to face relationships.

Take the time to plan a Twitter marketing strategy that works for your offline business…. then, COMMIT and IMPLEMENT over the long term!

A unique strength of Twitter for Offline business is the fact that it can be accessed (and used) from small handheld computing devices… you aren’t trapped behind a computer. This also means that Twitter can be used while on the go… a key piece of the puzzle for offline businesses.

Twitter has the potential to become an extremely important part of YOUR online marketing puzzle, if you understand how to use it for Offline businesses. Here is a Step by Step tutorial on the RIGHT way to set up a Twitter account and the pitfalls to avoid


4 Fully Automated Strategies For Finding Recycled Content For Your Instagram and Facebook Contacts

If you think that with only 24 hours in a day, the task of finding and providing valuable and relevant content is impossible, then think again.There is absolutely no reason why the information or content that you share with your network of social media contacts cannot be your own recycled content or even third party content coming from another source. In this article, I will disclose five (5) sources that you can use to repackage your own content or find third party content to distribute to your targeted list of Instagram Followers UK and or Facebook friends and fans. The first 4 of these 5 tactics or techniques you can put on complete autopilot after putting the strategies in place.

  1. Your Blog Posts

By using the Facebook Notes app, you can import the RSS feed from your Blog into your Facebook profile. As a result, your Blog posts will appear on the feeds of your Facebook friends. And if they leave comments via Facebook their comments will show up on their feeds and the feeds of their friends. This can give your Blog post a viral effect. What I like most about this technique is that it is 100% automated. You set up the Facebook Notes app just one time and it continually imports the RSS feed from your Blog into your Facebook profile.

  1. Your EzineArticles

If you propagate your feeds from EzineArticles, Friendfeed, Facebook, etc. you can automate the posting of your articles and make them automatically appear in your Facebook profile and your Post at Instagram. This is another process that is completely automated once you propagate the feeds.

  1. Your YouTube Videos

By using Facebook’s Friendfeed app, you can propagate your YouTube feed and Facebook feed and make your YouTube videos automatically appear on your profile.

  1. Your Instagram Post

You can use the Facebook’s Instagram App to automatically make your Post appear as Facebook updates. However, I should warn you that even the Post that you do NOT want to appear as Facebook updates will appear. Alternatively, you may only wish to update your Facebook status manually.

  1. Google Alerts

One of my favorite places to find valuable content for my Instagram and Facebook contacts is Google Alerts. Simply make a list of 20 to 30 keyword phrases for your market. After making your list of keywords sign up at Google Alerts.

Google Alerts will alert you by email anytime there’s news, articles, blogs posts, etc. on the Web involving your keywords. You can “share” this information with your social media friends, followers and fans. Just Post or post a Facebook status update with a short description of the information and a link to it.

The first 4 of these 5 techniques you can put on complete autopilot. By using these 5 strategies you will always have valuable content to help establish yourself as an authority in your niche and build a trusted relationship with your Instagram and Facebook contacts. And as marketers often say, “people like to buy from those who they, know like and trust.”

Patrick Jackson is an Internet Marketer with a specialty in generating free traffic. If you would like to learn more of his email marketing techniques and learn his 3 methods that he uses to build a massive network of targeted prospects starving to buy Followers UK his products, then visit his website

Make Money Mini Blogging – Should You Use Instagram 2019?

A blog takes time, but what if you could blog just 28 words to make money? Mini blogging is a new trend online. Discover how to make this form of marketing work for you.

There are several different mini blogging applications you can use; Instagram is one of them. I admit, when I first discovered Instagram I thought it was a waste of time, but lately it’s become one of my favorite marketing tools.

Warning: Mini Blogging Is Not Direct Marketing

The mini blogging tools are a form of social media; they keep you in touch with your friends. This means that using them as a direct marketing tool, by twittering items like “Buy this [epicfollowers]” for example, will ensure that no one pays attention to you.

Since these are SOCIAL tools, use Instagram to make friends first. Then your marketing will be a natural extension of your social activities.

How to Use Instagram for Marketing

Since you can’t market directly from Instagram, you need a Web site or blog to share your marketing endeavors. Build your relationships on Instagram, and when your site is ready, you can Instagram about your work on the site, to provide an immediate flow of traffic.

Once you have a Web site, link the site to Instagram by going to the Settings tab on Instagram, and adding your URL to the More Info URL field, and pressing the Save button. Now your site is accessible directly from your Instagram Profile. Anyone who want to learn more about you, can access your site.

Then just continue to add items to Instagram. If you’re promoting a new product in affiliate marketing for example, tell your Instagram friends about it. But lots of fun social messages too.

The big benefit of Instagram is the social network you develop, and the constant and increasing flow of traffic to your Web site which develops from this. As your Instagram Followers UK increase – and the people you’re following increase too, your network and traffic grows. With more traffic, the make your mini blogging activities generate grows too.

Discover how you can make money online with Angela Booth’s Money Diviner blog at Epicfollowers You’ll find daily news and information, as well free tools to make your dreams reality.