Instagram – Business Tool on Steroids 2019!

Instagram for Businesses: The  Secret Weapon…

Instagram is a fantastic tool for marketing your business. It allows you to reach a another whole army of new followers. It allows two way communication and allows you to establish yourself as the authority on a subject. Here are a few tips for accelerating your followers and getting a sharp  increase in  sales.

Grow Your Local Business

The biggest growth area in Instagram for business users is to increase local awareness.

Firstly you need to decide whether your business can sell to anyone in the world or whether you have a physical presence and require  a more local following.

For example: it is no good having a million followers who live in another country and follow you but they could never come and visit your dental surgery.

But it is fine it you have a million Followers UK who live in another country if you sell a report on the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry which is available for them to buy.

If you decide to target your local community, search for keywords that relate to your area. Send direct messages to key people you wish to target. Make a point to develop relationships with other “leaders” in your community. Make a point of meeting up with them offline to strengthen your relationship and see how you could help to grow each other’s business.

Become The Leader

Make a habit of providing regular helpful information to your followers. Ensure you are just not tweeting trivial boring drivel. This is fine for a personal account but when you are using Instagram for business it is important to remain professional. This strategy alone can sky rocket your sales. Be interesting, be controversial, never be dull.

Do not make every tweet a sales pitch. But be courteous, get engaged in conversations, ask questions, provide answers and insights. Develop and strengthen relationships at all times.

Stay Trendy

Keep up to date with your niche but also keep up to date with what’s hot on twitter. Use “trending topics” to provide ideas for conversations and stay up to date. This can be a great source of new followers as if your tweets are interesting and relevant, people will check you out.

Provide Offers and Incentives

The best way to attract new followers is to provide special offers and incentives. Companies like Dell and Jetstar have lead the way in this. They provide special discount coupons and communicate regularly with their customers through Instagram. It is a great way to get to know your customers and also a way for them to provide feedback to you!

Ask to be Repostes

This is just like asking your customers for referrals – which you should always do. If you have a special offer, or special request or have something highly unusual, funny or controversial, people will usually retweet it. But it doesn’t hurt to ask. Some companies offer incentives or competitions for people to repost their offer. A particularly successful one recently was Moonfruit who offered an Apple mac for retweets. They made a  load of new sales and now have huge brand awareness.

Sam Goldsmith is a successful internet entrepreneur, marketer and all round sportsman!

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