Instagram – How to Make Money Writing Posts

You’ve probably heard about the social networking site that is Instagram. But how could you utilise it to turn your writing into money?

As Instagram is relatively new it’s difficult to know just how big this could be. And there are bound to be lots of new ways of doing it in future. However, here’s a simple way that some people are already make extra cash by writing posts to their Instagram accounts.

First, you’ll need a Instagram account if you don’t already have one. Sign up and find out how it all works by going to the homepage.

Rather than basing your Instagram posts on yourself and whatever you’re doing as most people do try and base it on a popular interest. Something that a lot of people will want to follow your Posts on. For example, something like football or rugby, cars and driving, bird watching or cookery – ideally something you’re interested and even passionate about.

Build up your group of followers by inviting people to join you, and also following other people with similar interests. There’s lot of information on how all this works on the Instagram website itself. Keep going until you have a good network of Instagram Followers UK, and are posting Posts on a regular basis.

So then, how do you turn your tweets into cash? One of the easiest ways is to use the Share on Instagram feature and then sign up as an Amazon Associates affiliate – the same method you’d use to monetize a bog. For details go to¬†

Share on Instagram allows you to recommend products, including books, CD’s and many other items, from Amazon’s catalogue with just a few clicks. When your followers buy them you get paid a commission, usually at least 5%.

How much you could make depends on how many followers you have and, of course, you should be careful not to do any hard selling to them. It’s probably best to assume Share on Instagram is likely to be something that will earn you some pocket money cash rather than any big money, but who knows what will happen in future!

Mark Hempshell is a freelance writer and the editor of MAKE MONEY WRITING NEWSLETTER. You can sign up for a free subscription to MAKE MONEY WRITING NEWSLETTER at: [].

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