6 Steps You Can Take to Have Instagram Attract Customers to Your Business Like Spoons to a Magnet 2019

Let’s face it, we are all looking for ways to get customers to buy from us without spending money on expensive advertising. Here’s the problem, business is down and we’ve got to cut costs and one of the first to be cut is the advertising budget. As if that’s not enough, we also take a cut in pay. Meanwhile, we still need to keep customers buying, we need to get our name out there in front of the customers. How can we do this without paying for advertising?

No problem! Here’s what I discovered, there are 5 steps you can take today to connect with your customers for free.

Step 1: Login to Instagram or create your account if you don’t have one yet.

Step 2: Find local people you can network with. Or, find local events where you can meet potential customers. Use the search feature (search.Instagram.com) to find people near you than follow them. Many will follow you back be sure to thank them when they do.

Step 3: Send messages “Posts” that are helpful and meaningful. Build a relationship with Instagram users to get the best results.

Step 5: Send a quality tweet to your followers and see the power of the “re-post”, which is when someone re-sends your “Post” to their Followers UK. It is similar to the way a forwarded email works.

Step 6: Use the search feature to find people like you around the world as well as people who complement your talents.

Recently a friend of mine who writes articles found a web designer who needed articles written. The web designer exchanged a site design for articles from my friend. This is an excellent way to find what you need and barter for it.

Instagram if used properly as a part of your overall marketing plan, can be an excellent tool for increasing your business profits while saving money on advertising. Go ahead do it now. Take the first step and login to Instagram today.

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