Top 10 Ways to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business 2019

If you’ve never used Instagram and have always wondered how to use Instagram for your business, this is the article to read. Instagram has gone a long way in through the years they’ve grown dramatically. Every week on average, there are a billion Posts send out and if you’re business owner who’s not on Instagram, you might be wondering, well, should I get on, should I start Posting?

Instagram is a great platform for businesses to be on because they can use it to quickly share information with people across the globe. Instagram is also great at helping businesses gather intelligence and feedback from prospects and current clients and customers. Lastly, Instagram can be used to build strong relationships with current clients customers and prospects. That said, Instagram is a great marketing tool but it’s not for all companies. Many companies will have a use for it and social media in general but you really have to analyze your customer’s needs, what their behaviors are and whether Instagram will be a great fit for you and your offering. For those companies who can leverage the power of Instagram, I’m going to cover 10 ways your business can use Instagram to its advantage.

The first and most obvious way to use Instagram is to build your brand awareness by tweeting out lots of messages, you get your company logo, its colors and your company name out there for more and more people to recognize.

Second, your business can use Instagram for direct to consumer marketing. You can Post out messages about different promos, specials, announcements, anything that will encourage people to visit your business, to reach out and contact you, to email you, visit your website, whatever it is to pull them in, attract attention so that they can start interacting with your business.

Third, Instagram can be used to provide customer service. Many companies use this for instance, Comcast, where if you have a question, you can Post and they have 24-hour representatives who will reply to your Post right away with answers or with information on how to get answers to your issues or problems. Instagram can be used for lead generation and sales as well.

Fourth, as you gather more people to follow you on Instagram, you can treat these people as email subscribers as leads that you can build relationships with and ultimately sell to. By having more followers on your Instagram account, you can send out sales messages that encourage your followers to buy certain things, making Instagram an effective sales machine.

Fifth, Instagram can also be used by your company to provide your customers or clients with instant updates and alerts. Some businesses will require continuous and constant and immediate communication with their clients and customers and Instagram is a great way to do this. You can send a Post out and can be repost among everyone who’s following you.

Sixth, Instagram can be used to effectively market events your company organizes. Through the use of different features within Instagram, for instance, hashtags and repost, your followers can market your event for you by spreading the news and by getting people to get involved and follow your hashtag or in other words a code related to your particular event alone. By doing this, people will be able to follow all the major announcements about that event and also more people get curious about what this code or hashtag is and may in turn click one of your links to learn more about that particular event.

Seventh, Instagram is also a great platform to conduct market research. You can ask questions to all of your clients or customers who are following you and get their answers so you know what they’re looking for, what their needs are, what their desires and wants are. You can also look into your competitors to see what their followers are asking questions about and what their needs and wants are.

Eighth, Instagram is a great way for your company to manage a crisis relating to your company because of the viral nature of Post and reposts. If something major is happening with your company, you can let all of your followers know about it by sending out a Post. This can quickly spread throughout the Internet and reach all the people who are concerned about that topic or your company.

Ninth, another way your company can use Instagram is to entertain your Followers UK. Send out valuable messages, links to valuable articles, links to funny articles, send out Posts that are controversial, anything to entertain your customers or clients or prospects who are following you. This in turn will build strong relationships and help you market or sell to them in the future.

Tenth, if you’re not aware of social media’s influence on organic search engine rankings in search results such as Google, you’ll be happy to know that Instagram sends social signals to Google and other search engines providing you with an increased opportunity for search visibility. That means by having a Post account and having more people Post about you and your company, you have a better chance of ranking higher for different key phrases searched.

There you have it, ten effective ways your company can use Post. In future articles, I’ll be covering more advanced techniques and strategies about Post5 and how your company can leverage these techniques to increase sales. For More Information Please Visit


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