Small Business – Committing to Using Instagram 2019

How Often DO You Tweet?

But you have decided to use Twitter as a marketing tool for your offline business.

This changes the question to – How Often SHOULD You Tweet?

Twitter for Offline Businesses – for LOCAL Brick and Mortar businesses – becomes a matter of reinforcing relationships that you likely already have person to person, in addition to building and reinforcing your OFFLINE Twitter Marketing Strategies.

In the case of using Twitter to market an Offline Business, all of the advice online about using Twitter needs to be carefully re-evaluated.

Let’s face is… easily 90% of the Twitter Strategies offered are recommendations for using Twitter to build an ONLINE business.

The folks writing these guides probably won’t ever meet ANY of their Followers UK face to face, let alone interact with them personally and on a regular basis.

For offline businesses, Twitter is a POWERFUL tool that can be used to PROD your local customers into taking Offline Action.

Here are two Twitter OFFLINE Business Scenarios designed to prod folks into taking Offline Action
Scenario ONE

  • Encourage them to visit your restaurant and get a free dessert TODAY (with purchase of a lunch or whatever), by giving the Secret Twitter Password
  • You are enticing folks into your restaurant if they do come to take advantage of the deal
  • If they don’t come today, you have still been able to send them a DAILY REMINDER that your restaurant exists
  • Combine your Twitter offer with other offers, like a Frequent Guest Card… Let’s face it, in this frugal economy, anything that you can do to keep them IN THE HABIT of dining at your restaurant is going to pay off long term

Scenario TWO

  • Using Twitter, set up a Concierge Service for your Beauty Salon.
  • Send a Tweet out 48 hours before you make a trip to your beauty supply wholesaler. Ask your customers to Direct Message you if they need products.
  • The arrangement that you set up is that these Special Orders must be picked up within 7 days – and you give a 10% discount on these purchases.

With the agreement that the product will be paid for within the week, you can afford to give a discount. You aren’t tying up inventory dollars and the product isn’t languishing on the shelf

Because you have, essentially, PRE-SOLD the product, you can justify buying (and SELLING) products that you don’t normally stock.

The KEYS to both of these Offline Business Strategy are PLANNING and CONSISTENCY!

As an offline business owner, you are used to thinking long term.

In this case, you are taking a social media tool that is all about instant gratification (Twitter) and using it as a long term Offline marketing secret weapon.

Will these Twitter campaign have an immediate payoff?

Probably not!

But, it you plan and implement this for the long term, Tweeting every day about a free Dessert or Tweeting once a week about a chore that you would be doing anyway (the trip to the beauty supplier) in 12 or 18 months, you will likely have a nice little income stream from these tactics.

Building Twitter Relationships

Don’t you think that serving dessert to your Twitter Followers UK – Face to Face – is going to build and strengthen your relationships with them?

Don’t you think that Direct Messaging someone about her Special Order is going to build a stronger relationships there?

And think about it… when you have the product in hand, you TWEET (not Direct message) a general tweet that the product is ready to be picked up

By Tweeting, you are reminding those who DIDN’T Special Order this time that they could have… and maybe they’ll decide to take advantage of the convenience next week! LOL

Since Twitter is a tool through which its users can reach their audiences, real-time, you have the opportunity to build relationships with your followers in real time, and in the case of brick and mortar businesses, you can build face to face relationships.

Take the time to plan a Twitter marketing strategy that works for your offline business…. then, COMMIT and IMPLEMENT over the long term!

A unique strength of Twitter for Offline business is the fact that it can be accessed (and used) from small handheld computing devices… you aren’t trapped behind a computer. This also means that Twitter can be used while on the go… a key piece of the puzzle for offline businesses.

Twitter has the potential to become an extremely important part of YOUR online marketing puzzle, if you understand how to use it for Offline businesses. Here is a Step by Step tutorial on the RIGHT way to set up a Twitter account and the pitfalls to avoid


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