4 Fully Automated Strategies For Finding Recycled Content For Your Instagram and Facebook Contacts

If you think that with only 24 hours in a day, the task of finding and providing valuable and relevant content is impossible, then think again.There is absolutely no reason why the information or content that you share with your network of social media contacts cannot be your own recycled content or even third party content coming from another source. In this article, I will disclose five (5) sources that you can use to repackage your own content or find third party content to distribute to your targeted list of Instagram Followers UK and or Facebook friends and fans. The first 4 of these 5 tactics or techniques you can put on complete autopilot after putting the strategies in place.

  1. Your Blog Posts

By using the Facebook Notes app, you can import the RSS feed from your Blog into your Facebook profile. As a result, your Blog posts will appear on the feeds of your Facebook friends. And if they leave comments via Facebook their comments will show up on their feeds and the feeds of their friends. This can give your Blog post a viral effect. What I like most about this technique is that it is 100% automated. You set up the Facebook Notes app just one time and it continually imports the RSS feed from your Blog into your Facebook profile.

  1. Your EzineArticles

If you propagate your feeds from EzineArticles, Friendfeed, Facebook, etc. you can automate the posting of your EzineArticle.com articles and make them automatically appear in your Facebook profile and your Post at Instagram. This is another process that is completely automated once you propagate the feeds.

  1. Your YouTube Videos

By using Facebook’s Friendfeed app, you can propagate your YouTube feed and Facebook feed and make your YouTube videos automatically appear on your profile.

  1. Your Instagram Post

You can use the Facebook’s Instagram App to automatically make your Post appear as Facebook updates. However, I should warn you that even the Post that you do NOT want to appear as Facebook updates will appear. Alternatively, you may only wish to update your Facebook status manually.

  1. Google Alerts

One of my favorite places to find valuable content for my Instagram and Facebook contacts is Google Alerts. Simply make a list of 20 to 30 keyword phrases for your market. After making your list of keywords sign up at Google Alerts.

Google Alerts will alert you by email anytime there’s news, articles, blogs posts, etc. on the Web involving your keywords. You can “share” this information with your social media friends, followers and fans. Just Post or post a Facebook status update with a short description of the information and a link to it.

The first 4 of these 5 techniques you can put on complete autopilot. By using these 5 strategies you will always have valuable content to help establish yourself as an authority in your niche and build a trusted relationship with your Instagram and Facebook contacts. And as marketers often say, “people like to buy from those who they, know like and trust.”

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